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Tidy ACE

Specialty Cleaning


Busy work schedules?
Hire an ACE for your special projects.
Here’s a list of our specialty services. Scroll down for more information.

Yard Clean-up | Garage Clean-up | Move-in / Move-out | Leaf Clean-up | Snow Clean-up

Yard clean up

Cleaning the yard is challenging and time consuming. 
Hire an ACE so you can get back to more important things that need your time. 


Leaf Clean up

Trees are beautiful but unfortunately their leaves don’t fall on your schedule. Hire an ACE and leave the leaves to the pros. With our flexible schedules, we can catch it when it falls.


Snow clean-up

Shoveling snow is a hassle that takes time and work. If you expect it’s going to snow the next day, hire an ACE. Rest assure that if it doesn’t snow just cancel the service.


Garage clean-up

Out of mind out of sight can be the life inside of your garage. Don’t wait until you need something to try and organize through a pile of things, instead, hire an ACE.


Move-in/Move-out clean-up

Moving can be exciting but tiresome. The last thing you should worry about is the cleanup. Whether cleaning a house you moved out of, into, or both, our ACE’s got your back.