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Home Cleaning

Standard Home Cleaning

All Living Spaces
◇ Dust all accessible surfaces
◇ Wipe down counters, tables,    mirrors and areas with glass
◇ Sweep/mop/vacuum all floors
◇ Remove garbage and recycling
◇ Make beds
◇ Load dishwasher
◇ Sanitize/wipe down sink, counter and stove
◇ Wipe down all large appliances
◇ Wipe down sink, toilet and tub
◇ Sanitize sink, toilet and tub

Premium Home Cleaning

All the Standard options plus:
◇ Wipe down all small appliances
◇ Wash and dry dishes
◇ Remove items on counter, wipe    down and put back
◇ Deep clean inside microwave
◇ Deep clean all grout

Deluxe Home Cleaning

All the Premium options options plus:
◇ Deep clean inside oven
◇ Deep clean inside refrigerator
◇ Deep clean inside cabinets
◇ Moderately clean drain

Specialty Cleaning

Yard Clean-up
Move-in/out Clean-up
Garage Clean-up
Leaf Clean-up
Snow Clean-up

Other Services
Grocery Shopping / Errand Running
Organizing / Decluttering