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Grocery Shopping / Errand Running

Grocery Shopping / Errand Running

From: $6.98

Choose a delivery time that works best for you.

What would you like Tidy Concierge to do for you? * 

Is a vehicle needed? * 

Please list your grocery list or describe your errand. * 

This section can be used to list items and their locations ie. (item) No Brand Soap ~ (location) No Brand Supermarkets. If there are substitutions for your items please list substitution. ie. If they do not have No Brand Soap please get Yes Brand Soap.

You will be invoiced once groceries are picked up

Is there a dollar amount your groceries or errands should not exceed? * 

ie. If the groceries go over $100.00 please contact me.
ie. If the groceries go over $100.00 please do not get No Name Brand Detergent

If Yes please provide further instructions.

Use this space to state dollar amount that should not be exceeded and instructions on what to do if it is exceeded. ie. Contact me at 888-888-8888 if dollar amount exceeds $100.00.

Will errands need to be run in multiple locations * 

(ie. supermarket and a pharmacy)

If yes, how many locations? (+$2.00)

You will be charged $2.00 per location.

Leave in front of door * 

Tidy Concierge can leave your groceries in front of your door.

Do you have any other instructions you would like to add?

(This section can be use to write apartment instructions ie. leave with door man, ring door bell three times, call when arrived)

Delivery Tip

Tidy Concierge works hard to give the best customer service and delivery times. Consider a tip as a Thank You! 100% of the tip goes to them.