non medical prescribing legislation uk

PURPOSE AND SCOPE Purpose This policy is a dynamic document and is continually reviewed to ensure it provides a local framework reflecting national legislation and policy. Aim Investigate the application of non-medical prescribing in sexual … Currently there are more than 50,000 Non medical prescribers in the UK, around 19,000 nurses and almost 2,000 pharmacists are qualified as Independent and/or supplementary prescribers (Carey, 2011) The changing legislation of Non medical Prescribers has … Further changes to legislation – in September 2009 allowing nurses to prescribe unlicensed medicines and in April 2012 enabling them to prescribe virtually any controlled drug – has bestowed upon the UK nursing profession greater prescribing powers than virtually anywhere else in the world. Few... Read Summary. Unlicensed medicines lie outside that harm management process; they have additional risks and require professional responsibilities that are complex. Under UK legislation, suitably qualified non-medical professionals can practise as prescribers. ... non-medical prescribing in the UK has grown significantly; eight non-medical... Read Summary. The UK laws regarding the licensing of medicines have been developed to reduce the likelihood of harm through their use. Nurse prescribing first became part of the government's policy agenda following the Cumberlege Report (DHSS, 1986) (Please note: This paper is not available online), which included the following recommendation: These Regulations make consequential changes to three sets of National Health Service Regulations that apply in England. This facilitates autonomous practice and allows independent completion of care episodes. Document: Non Medical Prescribing Policy Version 4.0 Version Date: December 2018 Policy Manager: Non Medical Prescribing Leads Group 3 of 62 Review Date: December 2021 1. There is also a review of some of the most recent case law that impacts upon the delivery of safe, knowledgeable, care. Non-medical prescribing by allied health professionals. This article considers some current legal issues regarding non-medical prescribing highlighting some cases where prescribers have fallen foul of the law and the consequences of doing so. The changes arise out of new arrangements for the independent prescribing of drugs and appliances by nurses and pharmacists. There is however limited evidence regarding the application and safety of nurse prescribing. This article considers some current legal issues regarding nurse prescribing and non-medical prescribing highlighting some cases where prescribers have fallen foul of the law and the consequences of doing so. Non-medical prescribing (independent or supplementary) is the term used to describe prescribing undertaken by a suitably qualified healthcare professional other than a doctor or dentist; it is an important way to deliver patient-centred healthcare. It will also review of some of the most recent case laws that have an affect on the delivery of safe, knowledgeable, care. Background Non-medical prescribing legislation in the UK provides suitably qualified nurses with prescribing powers comparable with doctors. History and Background to Nurse Prescribing: Overview of Legislation - The First Prescribers. Historical development of nonmedical prescribing in the United Kingdom 1992 Primary legislation for independent nurse prescribing enacted (Medicinal Products: Prescription by Nurses etc Act 1992) for district nurses (DNs) and healthcare visitors (HVs) 1994 First prescribing pilots by nurses and introduction of Nurse Prescribers’ Formulary (NPF) Evidence-based information on non medical prescribing from hundreds of trustworthy sources for health and social care. Following the announcement by George Freeman MP (Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Life Sciences, Department of Health) on 26 February 2016, NHS England welcomed the new legislation that will enable: Independent prescribing by therapeutic radiographers

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