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Brand analysis is the process of developing brand strategies, plans, evaluations, metrics and estimates. According to a research institute’s two-year study of 100,000 retail customers, “emotionally connected customers have a 306 percent higher lifetime value”. If you take your brand to market speaking like faceless corporation with the personality of a wet fish, then you’ll be a fish out of water and you won’t last long. Through their advertising and communication they consistently display happy and somewhat magical characteristics, which we associate with enjoyment. For Creator brands, it’s all about being an ally and a supporter. But for many businesses, forming a brand personality doesn’t come easily. Examples of Brand Personalities . Amazon has steadily become one of the world’s most trusted brand by offering a personal relationship with all of its products. From the get-go, Coca-Cola has been associated with happiness and excitement, with many selecting to consume its products for the experience, rather than the taste. address: The Black Church, St. Mary’s Place, Dublin 7, Ireland. There are five main types of brand personalities with common traits: Brand personality examples If you compare a small car like to Volkswagen beetle, against the Lamborghini Diablo, then you will feel that the Beetle is a fragile human being, strong in the inside but like a gentleman or woman on the outside. Examples of Brands Displaying Personality: Chupa-Chups. With a powerful, sexy, bold, daring and empowering personality, Victoria’s Secret has managed to dominate the younger market. You either love them or hate them, but when you love them, you’re a devoted buyer who wouldn’t dream of changing any of their Apple products. Their marketing slogan ‘Just Do It’ relates to everyone and offers a sense of confidence when any of their garments are worn. Having a brand personality goes way beyond brand identity. Nike is an inspirational brand that inspires its audience to “Do”. Undisputed. They work so hard. If this is the chosen path, the focus needs to be on similarities across the board. I am sure the 12 Brand personality types can make a tremendous change in business relationship with influencers. Hence, Pepsi can be called as a “young personality”. The Hero brand personality is another ubiquitous archetype that’s seen in across almost all industries and businesses. Virgin is an example of an exciting brand. Let us know in the comments section below. As you’re developing your own brand’s promise, it’s essence, it can be useful to examine one of our favorite models of defining a brand: Jennifer Aaker’s Five Dimensions of Brand Personality. Yes, a cordial or intimate relationship with the existing clients is an important thing in this. Their “Don’t be evil” motto which has been embraced throughout the company culture showcases Google’s desire to ‘Do the right thing”. 19. Web: Photographer: TBA. How they speak to their target audience gives us a sense of their personality. They provide us with information but they do more than that. What are the aligned characteristics of all audiences and what is the aligned role that the individual brands play in the collective lives of the audience? They use tongue-in-cheek humour, irony and black comedy in often explosive campaigns that are polarising, attracting both plaudits and critics. Having established themselves as a family-friendly place, the fast food chain has gained a few traits for itself, including convenient, quick, clean and simple. Here are some examples of brand personality. And although their price tag is higher than their competitors, Lego stands out for quality, reliability and familiarity. Having a brand personality is important because it makes it easier for people to identify with your product or service. Patagonia’s rock climbing, environmentalist founder Yvon Chouinard attracted this type of customer through the brand because he built his brand through those beliefs. TOMS is a shoe company but they’ve gone out of their way to communicate that they’re more than that by displaying warm, reassuring and supportive characteristics in how they go about their business. Nike is a winner. The analysis brought out some vital issues to look into this. Red Bull meets most of the above brand personalities, going so far as to create excitement as associated with … With a sophisticated, elegant, charming and timeless persona, the jewellery company has made women all over the world long for one of the little blue boxes. Dove, on the other hand, relates to women of all ages, shapes and sizes across the world. It’s more about texture, style and the human characteristics that a brand has. The personality of the brand and the staff hired forge real connections with its consumers, making Starbucks the number one choice among all coffee brands. As we’ve covered, some of the most loved brands in the world have been build on their ability to connect with their audience on a human level through their personality. Bree’s personality shines through as a quiet, subtle confidence. Some Indian Examples of Brand Personality The devil of “Onida” represents high technology and proved to be one of the successful brand personalities in India. Like the guy at the pub with the quick wit and charm who promotes good times, this brand knows who it is, knows who its not and keeps things uncomplicated. We want to take the umbrella company to market and tell the story of the strength of the 4 independent companies, but don’t know what personality to adopt. Apple has changed the world and offers their customers the opportunity to join them on the cutting edge of the unknown. Instead of focusing on what their competition is doing, they have pushed boundaries with innovative ideas and honesty. In this ad, Nike proudly displays its brand personality. Being one of the most prestigious jewellery brands around doesn’t come easy, but it’s something that Tiffany & Co. have managed to establish over the years. Thorough its communication, it appeals to the senses with sensual and emotive language and imagery and sets itself apart from other car brands in its class. Every brand and a company chose its brand personality with complete responsible thinking. In this article, I will describe the power of brand personality on examples of famous brands. That’s why it’s crucial you pinpoint how to define your brand personality before you start to brand everything — your business, your organization, or yourself.. How you define your brand personality will influence how your business shows up … It represents style and sophistication as well as a feeling of sensuality. The adverstisement, packaging, and nature of … “your confidence is your key – embrace who you are”. The marketers make sure that every brand touchpoint leaves the viewer with a sense of fun. Whenever you think of Coke, chances are (consciously or subconsciously) you think of “Happiness”. The brand displays appreciation for all that is beautiful and feminine. To be #1. By aligning themselves with every extreme sport you can think of, Red Bull are well on their way to owning the word “Extreme” in the mind of its audience. ... scholars, academics, philosophers, thinkers, and data junkies. • Sunsilk in India Sunsilk has a caring, nurturing, gentle feminine Personality. The competitive track and field heritage of founders Phil Knight and Bill Bowerman is part of the fabric of the brand and this winning mentality extends right throughout the brand personnel into the relationship with its customers. Apple relates to the cool, innovative and creative technology lovers that like the simple and superb interface. Want brand personality examples? Lego has formed a brand personality that caters to young and old. Quite simply, they have captured a creative and positive persona for people of all ages. The homely and nurturing spirit was so powerful that Betty Crocker was even named the second most popular woman in America in 1945, behind then-First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt. Lego is an old school brand and a throwback to a simpler time before screens (before screens and apps). Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Examples of Brand Personality. When branding became a popular concept, marketers started analysing how to build better brands. Each company has a specialty. Dove has a positive and encouraging personality and communicates optimism and honesty through their language and tone. A business' brand personality can reflect its mission by creating emotional, psychological or physical responses in its target market. Throughout their entire brand experience they display characteristics of status, wealth and success and provide their customers with a sense of achievement. Your brand personality is the promise, but you must live up to it in everything you do. Fast-forward to today, Lego has clicked itself on to culturally relevant themes from superheroes to movies and with a generous dose of humour, has rejuvenated itself as a creative, original, imaginative and fun-loving brand. All rights reserved. Brands stand out not only by how they position themselves in the marketplace, bu also by how well they connect with customers. Through its energetic colours, charging bull logo and intense attitude, Red Bull has gobbled up an alignment with every niche extreme activity you can think to portray an outrageous personality across all touch points. Dove is a simple and elegant brand with a purposeful soul that promotes and encourages the self-esteem in women and girls. For each sub-brand, the personality can have nuances just like the messaging, though there needs to be an anchor for consistency. Nike represents a coach personality by encouraging, guiding, demonstrating, motivating and holding their audience responsible for their success or failure. They are motivated to reinvent the wheel, create something new and break through boundaries of technology. The days of corporate sounding entities with a one-way broadcast message are a distant memory (for those old enough to remember). Brand Personality Examples Bree James’ personal brand could be described as understated and gentle with calming qualities. Brand personality examples don’t come more energised. Of all the brand personality examples listed, Lego can proudly claim to be one of the worlds more loved brands. As a pioneer in energy drinks for many years, Red Bull have got the “competence” element of their personality down to a fine art, with huge sales over the years, and incredible thought leadership. A branded house means there is a parent brand, with the same brand appearance and messaging (Individual brands may have their own nuances in their messaging). With one arm around their customers and another arm around the people they help, TOMS is a feel-good brand bringing people together. The stronger the brand personality is, the easier it is to build marketing campaigns around it. Dollar Shave Club is an exemplary example of a brand that uses personality to make a connection with its audience. The film Breakfast at Tiffany’s, starring the legendary Audrey Hepburn, further enhanced the feeling that a piece of jewellery from Tiffany is the ‘only one true love’. Personality Trait: Youthful Channel: Print Advertisements Chupa Chups sells candy, so their brand persona is lighthearted and youthful. I am sure the current clients can make an awareness of our status or branding. The key? Look no further. Brand personality refers to the personification of a brand. Their influence and power comes with great responsibility, which they take seriously. Personality has become an increasingly critical element of a brand. Brand personality examples don’t come more energised. From this image we can tell that Nike’s personality is strong, energetic, and athletic - and we can assume the same of their typical buyers. With a loud and vibrant logo, a good slogan (‘Delicious and Refreshing’, ‘Always Coca-Cola’, ‘Taste the Feeling’ – the list goes on!) The co-partnership with Disney only makes McDonald’s even more relatable to young children and families, making it a number one choice for a hassle-free breakfast, lunch or dinner. Your brand voice should be authentic and Alice does a great job of consistently communicating her personality through all her fantastic content. Have any of the above examples given you any inspiration for the characteristics you want to display through your brand? 548227, reg. The Creator brand personality is a difficult brand to emulate. Harley embraces the rebellious spirit of their customers and takes pride in going against the grain of everyday society. There are few brands in the world that represent who their audience is as well as Harley Davidson does. Are we a branded house or a house of brands? Of all the brand personality examples, there’s a lot to be learned from Harley Davidson. Mercedes communicates superiority and exclusivity and remind their audience that they are at the top of the food chain of society. It sees that beauty and femininity in all women and encourages women and girls to see the same beauty in themselves both inside and out. and a number of successful campaigns, Coca-Cola is a prime example of brand personality. Characteristics and personality that represent who the audience is or who they aspire to be. Then… you better go about displaying those characteristics consistently across every touchpoint. Woodland got the ruggedness, outdoorsy, and ready for adventure personality through its products (hard boots – meant for adventure) and smart marketing strategies. Their viral ad with made them an overnight sensation was laced with satire, timing and tongue-in-cheek digs at their competitors. Get all of the Tips, Techniques and Processes in this article sent directly to you! Brand personality plays a crucial role in developing and maintaining strong brands—it's a set of human characteristics attributed to a brand. brand personality definition: a set of characteristics that consumers connect with a particular brand: . With a courageous, outgoing and hyper-energetic brand personality, Reb Bull is an inspirational brand that relates to two different types of customers – one being the professional athletes that need to exceed difficult challenges, and the other the fun-loving person that needs a bit of energy to get through the day and enjoy themselves. When it comes to fast food chains, it’s harder to build a strong brand personality, but the one restaurant that stands out from the crowd is McDonald’s. And with personal reward plans and great customer service, FedEx continues to expand their marketing strategies and reach new audiences. Characteristics: Adventurous / Courageous. Just a Few Brand Personality Examples... Nike. If people like what your brand stands for, the better the chances they will like your products. Dove If you intend on plugging your brand into a certain group of people, you better know who those people are and what characteristics they’re attracted to. Red Bull is also a company that’s known for its customer experience. Which brand can you relate to the most?

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