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Vinegar the All-Rounder

Vinegar can be used in every part of the house from top to bottom . It has high antibacterial content and acetic acid making it a great disinfectant . Here are some tips, tricks and recipes for using vinegar around your home . Your kitchen is a sacred place for germs and bacteria! One way to keep it contained…

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Lemons Put the Clean In Cleaning

Lemons have properties that make it an amazing cleaning weapon. They have antiseptic, antibacterial and acidic properties. Here is a list of tips, tricks and recipes for lemons in the kitchen. Lemons high acidic content makes them a sanitizer and their scent makes them a great deodorizer. Using them to clean your microwave is one of the best ways…

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Cleaning Greener

More and more people are becoming conscience of how they clean; moving away from chemical products and more toward natural green products. The question is why? Many people are finding that chemical products give off pollutants that release into the environment. These pollutants contribute to the ozone layer depletion, climate change and more. When in closed spaces such as…

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Go-To Natural Cleaning Products

Finding the right cleaning products can be filled with trial, error, and blogs . I learned the hard way what works for one may not work for the other. After trying many natural cleaning products I’ve finally arrived at my sweet spot; vinegar, water, lemon and of course baking soda . When I want a nice aromatic scent, I…

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