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Tidy ACE

About Us

Tidy ACE strives to create a greener, convenient and more affordable cleaning industry for New Yorkers. On our website, we connect high-quality, independent ACE (affordable cleaning experts) to all those in need of cost-efficient cleaning services. Tidy ACE strongly believes in the power of CLEAN(Credible, Loyal, Efficient, Attentive, Nifty). We pre-screen independent experts who illuminate such values.

We believe there are many natural cleaning alternatives that are safe for you, your children, and pets; That’s why we provide you with the opportunity to choose which product you prefer. Our mission is to provide cost efficient cleaning services to everyone – businesses, homeowners, and apartment dwellers alike.

The Tidy Promise is to provide CLEAN ACE to handle chores and tasks that will give you back your time and peace of mind. We take our Tidy Promise serious. We are committed to ensuring the best service and experience to our community of users. Let’s change the cleaning industry together, the Tidy way!