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40+ Breathtaking Rustic Chic Living Rooms that You Must See, 28 Personalized Gift Ideas that Pet Lovers will Absolutely Adore, 50+ Rustic Farmhouse Living Room Design and Decor Ideas for Your Home, 21 Unforgettable Ways You can Decorate with Bamboo. Living room - rustic open concept medium tone wood floor, brown floor, exposed beam and wood ceiling living room idea in Other with gray walls, a standard fireplace and a stone fireplace Rustic look with wood ceiling and beams - sheadebold This wall complements the white slipcover of the sofa set paired with a beige area rug that stands out against the brown earthy flooring. The wall decors look perfect together with the fireplace setup. Rustic living rooms are a place to connect with others or to enjoy quiet time alone, looking out the windows and enjoying the beauty of a sunset or wildlife in the backyard. Tip: if you’re unsure where to begin when designing your rustic living room, start with an all-white or neutral canvas (walls, shelves, flooring) and incorporate your fabrics, prints, and furnishings over time. A rustic living room setup featuring brown leather seats, stunning flooring, and a stone fireplace. Beloved books, antique findings, and objects of interest are attractively displayed to frame and neutralize more modern necessities such as televisions and reading lamps, while assorted candles and vase arrangements keep the atmosphere seamlessly refined. A multi-toned wall lamp and tall candles give off a soft white light that’s ideal for such intimate and ethereal interiors. The shiplap wooden ceiling matches well with the hardwood flooring that complements the gray sofa set across from the stone wall that houses the fireplace and the TV. Nov 16, 2020 - Explore Modsy's board "Rustic Living Rooms", followed by 9149 people on Pinterest. There is a fireplace embedded into a large stone column. Rustic Living Room Ideas The best rustic spaces embody natural grace and rustic elegance. White or off-white walls tone-down heavy wood molding that’s just too beautiful to cover up. Larger décor pieces can be extra special when made by hand rather than a factor. Living Room Start with Old Hickory Furniture, one of the country's premier hickory dealers with five different upholstered lines for the living and Great Room. Decorative Rustic Living Room Live plants can top a table, fill an empty corner, drape from a high shelf, or even hang from the ceiling. Dazzling Rustic Living Room Basically, this one is a living room which is dominated by wood (walls, flooring, and ceiling) which look absolutely stunning. Don’t forget the special touches like switching out wall art and added fall pieces to your table décor. Mixing tones and textures is the hallmark of great living room decorating, and this room’s careful blending of refined furnishings (glass topped coffee table and domed candle covering) and heavier fur throws and pillows, with delicate floral touches interspersed throughout, is the epitome of a modishly balanced rustic style. While this room has the bright whites and clean lines of a modern room, there are enough details tucked in every corner, that it is reminiscent of a time-gone-by. The modern fireplace is embedded into a large stone pillar that also houses the TV. That's because rustic decor is rich in warmth and dressed in nature's most beautiful materials. Evergreen cuttings are a classic way to spruce up for fall either twined into wreaths or arranged in tall containers to top a table. Next add one of our many lines of rustic lamp and coffee tables, sofa tables and consoles, or one of our new plasma television stands. The mason jars provide a great palette for a variety of decorative options. Seating covers can serve so many purposes. The pieces of furniture in a neutral style are chosen to let the rustic elements look outstanding. Including family names and GPS coordinates for the house shows that you took the time to really think about the receiver of the pillow. With this slightly distressed light wood coffee table, … If you’re feeling especially crafty, you may even be able to tackle this one yourself. While the couch is made of cotton and something… Few things say “farmhouse” like mason jars and shiplap. A soft knitted blanket adds a cozy texture that begs to be snuggled under. Tip: try to keep wall hangings and floor clutter at a minimum to enhance the elegance and add to the ethereal quality of the decor. Handmade accents can add a homey special touch to a room. This is a Rustic-style living room with a flooring filled with different shades of green. This matches with the brown velvet cushioned sofa that is paired with two black leather armchairs facing a beautiful wooden coffee table. Often a stone fireplace is the focal point and there is plenty of wood. The beige arched ceiling of this Rustic-style living room is lit with warm yellow lights that emphasize its irregular arches. Pretty eyelet embroidery and ruffles show delicate femininity, although you could tone that down with a non-ruffled pillow. This throw pillow comes in so many assorted sizes, you’re sure to find the right one for your space. Have you ever wanted an accent pillow in just the “right” size? These are then complemented by the charming stone fireplace topped with a wall-mounted TV. There are many ways to bring in elements of nature. A heavy wooden sideboard-style table displays and tucks away various household items and cherished flotsam, all the while cleverly framing a very modern television and stereo system. Custom printed on canvas, you can get that a modern yet vintage feel with a family name, the year, and a sweet message printed large enough to take center stage in your room. Architecture by Brewster McLeod Architects. The large L-shaped brown velvet sofa is paired with a matching brown velvet cushioned armchair facing a circular glass-top coffee table by the fireplace that is inlaid within an elegant black column of concrete adorned with a mirror above it. While this particular look may be preferable for some homeowners, white, subdued, or light-colored walls complement rustic features. Types: Family Rooms | Formal Living Rooms | Great Rooms | Libraries | Sunrooms | Bars | Man Caves | Game Rooms | Home Theaters, Related: All Rustic style homes | Rustic Style Foyer Ideas | Rustic Style Bedroom Ideas | Rustic Primary Bathroom Ideas. A lot of times, the main focal point of these sets have the appearance of driftwood or hardwood. Rustic living rooms are full of charm and warmth, and are usually performed as a very great because they are a favorite meeting place for all family members. Best of all the creamy white and smooth taupe tones open up and brighten the space, offering smaller interiors a chance to shine in their own right. This Rustic-style living room has a beautiful red brick wall that has a couple of alcoves flanking the arched entryway into this room. This rustic living room idea is gonna be a perfect idea if you want to have a warm and comfortable living room. A potted plant is snuggled inside a darling pink and gold-gilt pot. A rustic living room might just be the coziest, most welcoming design style you'll find. Using light-colored coverings and lightweight accents can help. While it gives the room a rustic look, it can be extremely elegant at the same time. We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites. From there, you’ll know if you want to decorate your entire house farmhouse style or play with more of an eclectic country theme. There are textured rugs layered on top of one another. The feelings of fall are set with a few artful accents. With Natural Light. Whether one wishes for a soft woodsy feel or the openness feel of the sea, rustic chic living rooms are generally centered on a common themed centerpiece, and this centerpiece is generally some sort of hardwood or driftwood designed piece. A hand-painted sign on wood shows the craftsmanship of the maker, but also the heart of the buyer. More white lend to a more modern look while a more wood tone makes it feel more rustic. This paired well with a wooden ceiling that has thick exposed wooden beams and an adjacent wall of white that makes the dark gray sectional sofa stand out. Most of the space is given to the living room that has a high ceiling that has exposed wooden beams and a large curved wall filled with windows matching the curved sectional sofa. Adding them in several key places is a classy way to add color and drama. A three-dimensional gallery wall pulls together the dichotomy of the space with an artful collection of feminine and masculine elements. A faux fur sofa throw adds an enticing Narnia touch, and is perfect for snuggling in for long snowy nights. Rustic style living rooms may borrow elements from Farmhouse or Shabby Chic, but Rustic is a style all its own. It can be treated like any other wall material, even allowing a stable base for a wall-mounted television. A patterned rug layered on top of a solid one adds cohesiveness to space. Here they’re beautifully combined with custom shiplap planks that are accented with mason jars hung with jute twine. Originating in Turkey, the pouf ottoman adds flair to any space. This living space also features a large fireplace. The large glass walls of this living room bring in an abundance of natural lighting and also provide gorgeous scenery as background for the large stone structure of the fireplace reaching up to the tall ceiling that hangs decorative lighting over the coffee table of the sofa and armchairs. This is a spacious and bright living room with a tall dark wooden arched ceiling that matches the dark hardwood flooring. A cute potted topiary and personal effects dress up a corner antique secretary. In this case, the thought really does count with a personalized linen housewarming pillow. A neutral color palette can provide a great base for seasonal decorations. Living room elegantly appointed with mission style furnishing and interior design elements. Even the brass and wooden furniture casters coordinate beautifully with the gold-gilt mirror that is just the right size for the space. Distressed pieces give a comfortable lived-in vibe while stately table lamps and ceiling-hung windows define the boundaries of the space. Office space can be tucked behind a couch and the modern screen offset nicely by a softer chair in dark blue tweed. When looking to redecorate a living room, the rustic chic decorating style provides a number of different options, and it can be centered on a few different interests. The stone fireplace of this large living room reaches all the way to the tall arched ceiling with charming exposed wooden beams. Winter wonderland or mermaid’s abode? But with a variety of shapes and sizes in seating, it can be difficult to find an option that fits well. How do I Use Lighting to Achieve a Modern Farmhouse Look? Suspended alone or in multiple rows, these wooden frame mounts work best on lighter walls, where the richness of the wood can truly stand out and draw the eye. If you need something different, consider plaid, ruffles, or bold colors to further accent your personal style. Wildlife scenes, as depicted in the mantle piece art, and multi-sized candles put the finishing touch on this eclectic but carefully curated space. Medium-sized formal living room with brown leather seats and a stylish rug set on the hardwood flooring. Here it’s been arranged horizontally and painted white to provide a blank backdrop in a longer-looking room. A hide rug and Edwardian boxer photographic prints lend a sly masculine charm to the casual refinery of this room’s interior layout, without overtly overpowering the more graceful elements. When knitted in an earthy tone, it coordinates well with other natural fibers and colors in space while muted tones can provide a blank slate for other pieces to stand out. The room also offers a wooden ceiling and hardwood flooring. This home has a wide living room that is divided into two. This rectangular pair is finished with distressed white and provides a beautiful rustic backdrop for a natural leafy wreath in a neutral-toned living room. It doesn’t take much to class up a boring space. Custom pieces really allow the buyer to impart their unique personality in their space. Like many living room styles, the rustic style has evolved over the years. A lot of times, the main focal point of these sets have the appearance of driftwood or hardwood. Minimalist mantle accents and white painted brick fireplace help complete the modern look. This is contrasted by the gray carpeted flooring that matches the gray shelves behind the couch and illuminated by the sliding glass doors. Walls and trim in white and off-white make a perfect setting for a light gray window bench.

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