Go-To Natural Cleaning Products

Finding the right cleaning products can be filled with trial, error, and blogs . I learned the hard way what works for one may not work for the other. After trying many natural cleaning products I’ve finally arrived at my sweet spot; vinegar, water, lemon and of course baking soda . When I want a nice aromatic scent, I use natural essential oils (I emphasize natural because there are some infused with chemicals).

These are my go to from everyday house hold cleaning and maintenance to mold/mildew, bacterial, stains and odors . They are safe for both my overly curious cat and nieces and nephews who visit every so often .

There are many other natural products out there that work equally as well as the ones listed above . I choose these for a variety of reasons one of them being convenience . You can find vinegar, water, lemon and baking soda at your local convenience store for a small price . Not only are they affordable but they last forever and have multi-uses . I enjoy saying goodbye to late night runs to target, giving me back my time .

Check out the next blog to see the tips and tricks for these products and some super easy recipes .